Project Background                                                    

The Development of Anderson Road Quarry (ARQ) Site is to provide land and the associated infrastructures for the proposed land uses at the existing ARQ site at the north-eastern of East Kowloon.

In addition to the site formation and infrastructure works within the ARQ site, a new bus-to-bus interchange (BBI) at the toll plaza of Tseung Kwan O Tunnel and a series of associated off-site road improvement works and pedestrian connectivity facilities are also proposed to mitigate the potential cumulative traffic impact arising from the proposed ARQ development.


Project Scope

The Project under Environmental Permit (EP) (EP No. EP-513/2016) is for the three associated of-site road improvement works which comprises: (i) improvement of junction of (J/O) Lin Tak Road / Sau Mau Ping Road (ii) widening and improvement of sections of Clear Water Bay Road and On Sau Road; and (iii) widening and improvement of sections of New Clear Water Bay Road and Shun Lee Tsuen Road.

This Internet website is prepared according to the requirements of the EP. It is to provide the user-friendly public access to the relevant project information and environmental monitoring and audit data for the Project